Commercial Solutions

Premier is a single source solutions provider for businesses. We offer multiple integrated solutions such as automation systems, lighting control, video displays and audio systems. We also provide essential security solutions including system installation, security monitoring and camera systems. Additionally, we offer video conferencing equipment and support.

Construction Services

At Premier Technology Group we not only install all of the products we offer, we also employ certified, FBI background-checked technicians that are well-versed in both the electrical and technical fields. No separate bills, no long wait time for a separate vendor to install electricity and no finger pointing when the job is complete.

Premier offers you the convenience of a “one stop shop” when it comes to all of your technology installation needs. If you simply need maintenance, we can come into your home or place of business and solve any problem right then and there. No need to call another specialist, Premier has the tools and knowledge to get every aspect of the job in perfect working order.

Security Solutions

At Premier we offer Commercial Security Monitoring for your peace of mind. Owning a commercial property comes with responsibilities and vulnerabilities that can feel out of your reach. Our technology systems are designed to keep you informed and confident that your property is safe and monitored, no matter where you are. Special features include: intrusion detection, remote control and monitoring via app, real-time alerts, daily custom activity report, single dashboard view for multiple systems, scalable, upgradeable, and many more.

Lighting & Shade Control

Lighting control systems provide ambiance and a sense of style to single, multiple or all rooms in a home or business by allowing light levels to be controlled via an in wall dimmer, smartphone, tablet or computer. Lighting Control can reduce energy consumption by dimming light levels down a certain percentage, saving on monthly costs and extending the life of light bulbs.

Automated Lighting paired with Automated Shades regulate the amount of natural and electric light in a given area. Program the integrated systems to accommodate any lifestyle by, having the shades raise and lower based off the position of the sun and the lights to dim up

 or down based on an astronomical clock. Integrate an HVAC system into the mix and have the heat and air condition rise and lower based off of the time of day and predetermined settings, creating a smart environment for any home or business.

Premier Technology Group has trained Lighting Control installers and programmers on staff to create the perfect system for any client’s needs. Whether it is an Automated Lighting System, Shade System, HVAC System or an integrated system with all three, we are up to the task and will create an easy to use system that saves energy and increases comfort.

Audio & Video Systems

Audio/Video Systems are the partnership of high definition televisions and audiophile grade speaker systems, integrated together at one centralized location. An Audio/Video system brings flawless picture and sound to any home or business, via customized and precisely placed televisions and speakers. Receive the best television quality through 4K televisions and projectors, while receiving the best audio experience through in ceiling, in-wall or standalone speakers paired with a high grade amplifier and subwoofer.

A distributed Audio/Video system allows audio and video components to play throughout a home or business seamlessly. With a distributed audio system, music is 

readily available by accessing a playlist or record saved to a music library. Watch a movie in any room, as with a distributed video system, high definition, including 4K, video content can be pulled from a centralized location to any television.

At Premier we focus on providing our customers with the absolute best and up-to-date product offerings. We not only partner with the best in the industry, we go a step further by providing our designers and technicians with the best training possible. Our team design and install Audio/Video components in specific, carefully thought out positions to immerse our clients in the perfect balance of acoustics and video.

Automation & Controls

An automation system is the collaboration of multiple systems installed in a home or business to function cohesively as one system. Systems that can be included in an Automation System are: Lighting Control, Fire & Security, Automated Shades, Audio/Video and Access Control. Automation Systems can be controlled via smartphone, tablet, remote or control panel, from anywhere in the world adding the ability to manage and monitor a home or business from virtually anywhere.

An Automation System’s capabilities are endless. A system can be programmed to turn on any television, listen to any sound source, dim up and down any lights and

and disarm a security system and unlock any door, all through a sleek, easy to use interface. An Automation System can go on to also provide energy management tools so that energy consumption can be monitored and monthly costs regulated.

Premier Technology Group has been programming Automation Systems for over ten years now. As automation technology grows and changes we constantly adapt to bring our customers the best product offerings available. With highly trained programmers that are knowledgeable on automation and control systems, we at Premier provide the utmost client satisfaction by creating a system completely tailored to our client’s needs.

We heard through some neighbors that Premier is an excellent electrical/technology firm and have not been disappointed. Eric came and explained everything professionally and in detail to our satisfaction. Premier provided detailed electrical drawings for our new house, detailed Savant System drawings, smoke alarms and fire alarms. We are able to control all our lighting or sprinkler system even when we are traveling out of town or out of the country. Our experience is a happy customer with Premier. They continue to provide timely service for any repairs or updates to our system.

Larry Wong

 Premier Technology was recommended to me by my builder back in 2011. After meeting with the ownership of the company and participating in their initial screening process for new customer it was clear that they were the best choice for my project. They were able to provide pre-wiring for all Audio Video Needs, Lighting Solutions, Home Automation and Equipment. I have been in my house for 9 years and continue to use all of the solutions that were recommended and installed when the house was first built. My favorite part of my home now is the ability to not worry about any of my technology needs as they were thought about from the beginning. I get to enjoy my whole house because of the hard work Premier Technology put in upfront with me. They have been with me from the beginning to now 9 years later making sure that I I am never outdated and always working. Everyone can always be better at communicating but the difference Premier Technology is two-fold. The follow up and they listen to the customer. One size does not fit all, it was my vision that they cared about. More impressive was their ability to quote the job at the beginning and complete the job within that budget without question.

Mike Rupe

Premier was doing work for a former neighbor, so we started using them and have been ever since. Premier updated an existing system in our home. They did a great job integrating new equipment with existing components. Everything works well. The team is very professional. They are clean and well organized and have completed all work as quoted without any issues.

Davis Bonham

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