Outdoor Lighting: Why It’s Beneficial

Outdoor lighting may not be the first thing you consider when building or renovating your home. But the luxuries of having a solid outdoor lighting system will show you just how beneficial it is! Premier Technology Group is your number one destination for all things smart home, ease, and automation. Whether you’re at the beginning […]

Remote Security Controls For Vacation

Remote Security Controls For Vacation Remote security control and surveillance are some of the top requests that we receive during the Summer months. With vacation upon us and the kids out of school, there are more possibilities for a lack of safety to disrupt your home. While you’re at the beach, wouldn’t it be nice […]

Entertainment Solutions To Liven Up Your Patio

This summer, you deserve the best in outdoor entertainment. This includes all of the smart home technology that will not only level up your outdoor living space but make your life easier. Automation is man’s best friend, especially with the hustle and bustle of the summer months. Having the kids home, hosting parties, or simply […]

Why Partner with Premier Technology Group?

Premier Technology Group is the number one solution to all of your client’s lifestyle technology problems. Not sure where to start? Unsure of what solutions will be both functional and designer? That’s what your clients turn to you for, and what you can turn to us for. Since we started, we’ve been customer-focused 100% of […]

Summer Entertainment at the Next Level

Summer Entertainment at the Next Level Summer is closer than ever and as the wind dies down, the weather warms up and the urge to be outside is high, make your entertainment space a place you’ll never want to leave.  With smart home technology, you can have it all, seriously, ALL the perks. From smart […]

Prepare for the Heat with Shade Like No Other

Prepare for the Heat with Shade Like No Other Although the air has been brisk in Texas, we all know that won’t last long. The summer heat is nearing and it is time to prepare for the thick humidity and all that comes with the transition out of winter.  Summer is fun, exciting and can […]

Your Home Could Be Smarter Than You

Your Home Could Be Smarter Than You! Life as we know it is changing by the day, with different rules, regulations and technology due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Although, many of these changes have been unpleasant, some individuals have enjoyed the influx of stay-at-home work, the sudden switch to home-schooling and the […]

Landscape Lighting

What is Landscape Lighting?  When it comes to landscape lighting, there are two primary functions that can be achieved: lighting for architectural enhancement and lighting for security. In this first email, we will discuss different techniques used to enhance the architectural beauty of any project. The second email in our series will focus more on […]

Why Your Business Needs a Video Wall

What is a Video Wall?  Looking for a TV screen that provides sleek design and functionality? Look no further than to the video wall. Video walls are multi-display walls that consist of multiple screens that join together. The joining of screens creates a sleek display that molds with your interior rather than sticking out of […]

Mirror Displays & Vanishing TVs

What is a Mirror Display? A mirror display is exactly what it sounds like and even more. While fairly easy to comprehend, a mirror display represents the revolution that display technology is currently experiencing. This type of display works on two levels. Firstly, it acts as a normal everyday mirror, allowing the viewer to see […]

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