Residential Solutions

Premier is a single source solutions provider. We offer multiple integrated solutions such as automation systems, lighting control and audio/video systems. We also provide essential security solutions including system installation, security monitoring and camera system installation. Additionally, we offer lighting design services for architects, builders and homeowners.

Construction Services

At Premier we provide electrical and low-voltage contracting services creating a truly “one-stop shop” when it comes to technology inside the home. Given we take the utmost pride in our work, we also employ only certified, background-checked technicians that are well-versed in both the electrical and technical fields.

Having multiples trades under one roof provides the best experience for our clients, eliminating headaches such as separate billing, coordination between multiple trades and finger pointing when issues arise. No need to call another specialist, Premier has the tools and knowledge to get every aspect of the job in perfect working order.

Lighting Design

At Premier we offer comprehensive lighting design services that provide functional, layered lighting solutions. Light plays a pivotal role in determining the look and feel of a space and It is Premier’s goal to design and specify lighting that enhances the architectural beauty of our client’s projects while also adhering to their everyday lifestyle. Our designers carefully choose, and place fixtures based upon specifications and calculations so that the right amount of light is provided for each application.

Starting at the design phase, moving through construction and finishing

with move-in, we stay with our clients every step of the way, providing valuable design input, project managing the installation of the lighting fixtures and aiming/commissioning the system once complete. We also provide our clients with CAD drawings, a full specification packet and lighting control documentation as needed.”

Security Solutions

At Premier, we offer Integrated Security Monitoring for your peace of mind. Your residence should be your place of comfort, whether you are at home or away. Leave your home feeling confident in your security with our technology. Options include camera systems streaming live and recorded footage, lighting control that syncs with disarming and arming your alarm system, access control that allows you to provide entry into your home from your device, and more. Some features include intrusion detection, life-safety detection, remote access via app, system event notifications and history, and more.

Lighting & Shade Control

Lighting control systems provide a sense of style and ambiance in a home while also saving energy and reducing costs. An installed system not only allows lights to be dimmed, change colors or automatically turn off and on, it can also eliminate wall clutter by removing large switch banks, and replacing them with elegant, multi-button, keypads.

Lighting control, when paired with automated shades can create a perfect balance between natural and electric light in a home. Through control options and programmed scenes, lighting can be set to a dimmed level throughout the day and at full brightness at night, while automated shades can raise and lower to provide the right amount of natural light during the day, and provide privacy at night.

At Premier we understand how light works which gives us a unique advantage when designing lighting and shade control systems. We take into consideration every aspect of our client’s project and create a system that fits the aesthetics of the project and lifestyle of the client.

Audio & Video Systems

Audio/Video systems include the combination of high-definition video devices and audiophile grade speaker systems. Whether televisions that, when not being watched, seamlessly blend into the wall by displaying artwork or speakers that provide studio quality audio, audio/video systems can be customized to create an exceptional entertainment experience.

Through distributed audio/video systems, audio and video components can be played throughout a home seamlessly, while components are stored in a centralized location. Music is readily available by accessing a streaming service or saved playlist and can be

played in a single room or throughout the home. Movie and television content can be played from multiple sources, in any room on the system. All this controlled using a single app.

At Premier we focus on providing our customers with the absolute best and up-to-date product offerings. We partner with the best in the industry and go a step further by providing our designers and technicians with the best training possible. Out team design and install audio/video components in specific, carefully thought-out positions to immerse our clients in the perfect balance of acoustics and video.

Automation & Controls

Automation systems are collaborations between multiple technology systems in the home such as: lighting control, audio/video, security, automated shades and access control. This collaboration allows seamless control of these systems through one, easy to use interface that can be accessed via an app, remote or touch panel.

Through specialized programming, an automation system’s capabilities are endless. At the press of a single button, a home can come to life as lights turn on, music starts to play and the shades open. Automation systems are meant to compliment any type of lifestyle and can provide a sense of elegance to any home.

At Premier we specialize in designing, installing and servicing automation solutions that fit our customers unique wants and needs. We understand the systems we offer and with our staff of highly trained designers, installers and programmers there is no system to big.

We heard through some neighbors that Premier is an excellent electrical/technology firm and have not been disappointed. Eric came and explained everything professionally and in detail to our satisfaction. Premier provided detailed electrical drawings for our new house, detailed Savant System drawings, smoke alarms and fire alarms. We are able to control all our lighting or sprinkler system even when we are traveling out of town or out of the country. Our experience is a happy customer with Premier. They continue to provide timely service for any repairs or updates to our system.

Larry Wong

 Premier Technology was recommended to me by my builder back in 2011. After meeting with the ownership of the company and participating in their initial screening process for new customer it was clear that they were the best choice for my project. They were able to provide pre-wiring for all Audio Video Needs, Lighting Solutions, Home Automation and Equipment. I have been in my house for 9 years and continue to use all of the solutions that were recommended and installed when the house was first built. My favorite part of my home now is the ability to not worry about any of my technology needs as they were thought about from the beginning. I get to enjoy my whole house because of the hard work Premier Technology put in upfront with me. They have been with me from the beginning to now 9 years later making sure that I I am never outdated and always working. Everyone can always be better at communicating but the difference Premier Technology is two-fold. The follow up and they listen to the customer. One size does not fit all, it was my vision that they cared about. More impressive was their ability to quote the job at the beginning and complete the job within that budget without question.

Mike Rupe

Premier was doing work for a former neighbor, so we started using them and have been ever since. Premier updated an existing system in our home. They did a great job integrating new equipment with existing components. Everything works well. The team is very professional. They are clean and well organized and have completed all work as quoted without any issues.

Davis Bonham

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