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by | May 13, 2021 | News

Single Source is Better: Here’s Why

As a single source provider, our expertise lies in providing a one stop shop for all of your automation needs. Single source means that we cover everything from consultation to project management to implementation. It also means that we can provide a number of different services for one single project. Simply put, from start to finish, we can achieve every aspect of your space’s technological needs. 

Seeking a consultation from one company, an outside technician from another, and management from a different firm or group can disrupt projects. This disruption often leads to poor communication, a lack of organization, and uneasy implementation. Optimizing the workflow, from beginning to end is what we contribute as a single source solutions provider. This allows your technological dreams to come together efficiently, easily, and effortlessly. The way they deserve to. 

An optimized workflow allows us to maintain a number of varying technological solutions. Automation and controls, lighting and shade control, audio / video systems, electrical systems, and IT and communications represent our core services. A wide variety of services means that a project can come together under one roof as opposed to several others. This simplifies the project as a whole. 

Our team is a reflection of our core focus. Premier’s single source solutions would be nothing without our dependable team of engineers, designers, project managers, technicians, and more. Providing high quality technological solutions and complete home automation services starts with having a team that is collaborative, professional, and ready to get the job done right. 

Are you ready to make the switch to a single source provider? If you are looking for a complete one stop shop for your automation needs then call Premier Technology Group at 281.530.7900 for more information on how our services can benefit your home or business.

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