Everything You Need to Know about the Newest Home Tech Trend: Frame TVs

by | Aug 3, 2022 | News

Have you ever thought your big, black TV screen looked just a little bit off surrounded by your exquisite artwork and finely decorated home? Gone are the days when your TV was just a TV. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest home tech trend: the frame TV. 

Works like a TV  

Many people like to have TVs in their homes to allow them to relax and enjoy a movie or show in the comfort of their own homes. The Frame TV is a TV first and foremost. Just like a regular TV, frame TVs allow viewers to mount them to the wall, and turn them on to watch some entertainment of their choice. While the Frame TV is still at TV, it does much more than that.  

Works like a Piece of Artwork   

Visually, these frame TVs can add a lot to a space. Since many people have large TVs and reserve a good portion of their wall space for the TV, it can really stand out. Furniture is often arranged strategically around the TV so it is the focal point when the TV is on. Why not use this to our advantage? The frame TV does. When the TV is powered off, the TV becomes a big piece of artwork. Instead of a black screen is a beautiful piece of artwork in its place. Your TV is off, but the space is still on and performing for the room.  

No Reflection  

The frame TV also boasts little-to-no reflection which is important if it is hoping to look like the other artwork on your walls. Whereas a traditional TV may pick up a reflection of whatever is in front of it, the frame TV shows the artwork and is designed to truly look like the drawing or painting of your choice. 

Various Artwork Options     

Artwork from world-famous galleries and museums can show up right on your wall with the frame TV. You can choose from a variety of artists’ work and do not have to commit to one piece of art when you buy the TV. As your taste changes, you can change the TV frame with it. Perhaps you have decided you would like a different feel in your space so you put up different artwork in your living room and up the staircase. You can keep a cohesive look by changing the artwork to match the style or era of artwork you have recently incorporated into your home on your Frame TV. 

Frame That Artwork   

It is not called the Frame TV just due to its ability to showcase artwork when it is off. This TV actually has options to put a customizable frame on the outside so it looks like a real frame is hung around the artwork on the wall. There are different style and color options including modern, beveled, black, white, tan, and red. 

Premier Technology Group is a single source security and information technology solutions provider that helps create unforgettable experiences for our clients. Working to design, construct, and program, your products, we expect the technology in your home to live up to your design standards. The Frame TV takes any space with a TV to the next level by providing a TV that serves your room even when it is off, revealing itself to be an exquisite piece of artwork. Contact us today to learn more about making your home entertainment-ready with updated home technology and the newest home tech trend: the Frame TV.  

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