Is Your Home Ready for Entertaining?

by | Sep 24, 2022 | News

So you are ready to entertain! Is your home? Read through our checklist to check up on the things around your home that can make or break the event you host. It is important to make sure certain aspects of the home are up to par in order to provide your guests with the best entertainment experience possible. 

Is your thermostat working? 

First things first, how’s your thermostat performing? Whether you are hosting an event or party in the summer or winter, thermostats are your tool to ensure your guests are comfortable no matter the weather going on outside. At a party or event with a lot of people, the rooms can quickly become uncomfortable with all of the bodies around and a lack of good air circulation. Your thermostat will be key to ensuring your guests have a comfortable experience, as nobody likes to be sweating or fanning themselves when they are trying to enjoy a good house party or event. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is also uncomfortable to need to keep your jacket on because it is too cold inside the event space. Having trouble controlling the temperature of your home? Check with Premier Technology Group to see how we can regulate your environment through smart home technology.    

Is your TV or projector on par?  

Perhaps you are hosting a Super Bowl party or having some ladies over to watch the Bachelor. If you are hosting an event with the TV as a main focus, don’t let poor connection or installation bring glitches to a good time. Is the picture high quality? How is the sound? Is there any lag? If you are using a projector, beautiful large screen, custom home theater, or surround speakers, the luxury experience comes to a stop when you have to pause and troubleshoot. Do you have a technology team readily available to assist? Premier Group Technology offers remote systems management. Wherever you are, we are a phone call away. 

Is your sound system up to speed? 

Maybe you plan on streaming a show or game on the TV, or maybe you plan on having music playing throughout your home and backyard. Either way, the audio sound systems that can truly enhance the entertainment experience are built with technology, and as we all know, technology has its moments. If you’ve made the investment for a top notch integrated system, you’re not expecting any hiccups. With proper technology and smart home control, your listening experience only increases. Distributed audio systems allow audio to play throughout your entire entertainment space and not just in one room. Alternatively, with these advanced audio systems, you can pick and choose which areas of the space you want the audio distributed, and which areas you may not want the audio distributed. All of this can be at the touch of your fingers with an app on your phone.    

Is your lighting appropriate?    

Lighting can really set the mood. As such, it is important that the lighting in your space appropriately reflects the mood you are trying to convey while you entertain. Is it a quiet dinner party or a lively celebration? Either way, your lighting assists in shaping your event and the mood you are hoping to reach.  Consider investing in functional, layered lighting solutions that allow you to change your lighting depending on your event and enhance the architectural beauty of your space. 

Integrating your Entertainment Pieces  

New to smart home technology? While you may be familiar with all of these pieces of entertainment on an individual level, there are options that allow collaboration between these different technology systems that can make your hosting experience that much more impressive and overall seamless. Automation systems are collaborations between multiple technology systems in the home such as lighting control, audio/video, security, automated shades, and access control. Through an automation system, these can all be linked and controllable with the use of an app, remote, or touch panel. Automated systems allow specialized programming that allow you to customize your entertainment experience entirely. The touch of one button can turn on the music, brighten the lights, and open your shades to make you ready to entertain.
Premier Technology Group is a single source security and information technology solutions provider that helps create unforgettable experiences for our clients. We are with you every step of the way, working with you in the design phase, constructing your project, programming it to fit your needs, and even available for any needed aftercare and support. Our experienced team of engineers, designers, project managers, and technicians can help you build your dream entertainment space with the most up-to-date technology and seamlessly integrated systems that work together to make your space’s lighting, audio, and visual needs come together with the touch of a single button. Contact us today to learn more about making your home entertainment-ready with updated home technology.

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