Remote Systems Management

How it Works:

Premier Technology Group will manage your system from a remote location. Our software allows us to monitor all activities on the endpoint of our clients. This convenient technology gives you the peace of mind that we are available to troubleshoot issues, at any given time, without needing to come to visit you on-site.

Benefits of RSM:

Safety During COVID through Remote Access
Operational Efficiency
Proactive Network Monitoring
Secure Remote Connectivity
Optimum Network Health

RSM Plans

Your Premier Technology Group system consists of many parts – from engineered plans, wiring, installation, to hardware, software, firmware, networking and connections to your ISP or internet services. While your system does include manufacturer’s hardware warranties and our 1-year system warranty on components and workmanship; we recommend a Technology Performance Plan for the overall integration and operations. Please see below for an overview of the plan options that we provide.
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