Mirror Displays & Vanishing TVs

by | May 13, 2021 | News

What is a Mirror Display?

A mirror display is exactly what it sounds like and even more. While fairly easy to comprehend, a mirror display represents the revolution that display technology is currently experiencing. This type of display works on two levels. Firstly, it acts as a normal everyday mirror, allowing the viewer to see their reflection thanks to highly reflective tints. Secondly, it acts as an interactive video screen that you can activate via touch, similar to the phone in your pocket. It can transform homes by allowing one to have the utilitarian benefits of a normal mirror and the technological benefits of an interactive display. In the office setting, a mirror display can transform your workspace into an environment that is technologically proficient and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

What is a Vanishing TV? 

The big difference between a mirror display and a vanishing TV? Simply put, mirror displays cannot access the same A/V features that a vanishing TV can access. Vanishing TVs function in the same way as mirror displays do in that when the digital features are turned off, the screen acts as a reflective mirror. Some vanishing TVs, such as the Samsung Ultra HD model even allow you to access, “Ambient Mode.” This mode gives you the option to select a background for your TV that blends in with the interior behind the screen, thus blending your TV with the backdrop of your home or office. 

Mirror displays and vanishing TVs represent just a few of the many amazing A/V tools that can transform your space. Ready to upgrade your home or office with a mirror display or a disappearing TV? Call Premier Technology Group at 281.530.7900 for more information on how both of these extraordinary pieces of technology can benefit your home or business.

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