Why Your Business Needs a Video Wall

by | May 13, 2021 | News

What is a Video Wall? 

Looking for a TV screen that provides sleek design and functionality? Look no further than to the video wall. Video walls are multi-display walls that consist of multiple screens that join together. The joining of screens creates a sleek display that molds with your interior rather than sticking out of it. For your home or business, a video wall can make all the difference in how you and your guests enjoy digital content. 

How Video Walls Work

Video walls are controlled and maintained by a video processor. This processor acts as the sole controller for the video wall. While every system is different and unique in their own way, video processors give you the control to access what is viewed on the video wall. The video processor allows you to scale the multiple images that may appear on the different screens. The other main components that make a video wall work are aforementioned video wall controller, graphic boards, and a daisy chain. 

What are the Benefits of a Video Wall? 

The key benefit of a video wall is that it can display different content all while being conveniently fixed to one centralized viewing area. Video walls can allow one to deliver more engaging presentations, allow for complex information to be consumed easily, and give the entertainment lover a more high quality interactive entertainment experience than that of a traditional screen. From the home to the boardroom, video walls provide functionality, high quality design, and a better all around user experience. 

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